Booking Serviced Apartaments – Cancellation Policies

During the pandemic, it is worth to pay particular attention to the cancellation policies. Knowing your rights is essential in case of problems with refunds. What’s worth knowing?


Traveling in the times of Covid-19 has become more challenging. The serviced apartment owners in Exeter and other British cities are obliged to follow the safety regulations and do their best to make the client’s stay the most secure and comfortable. However, due to the unpredictability of governmental decisions, it’s worth taking additional steps to make sure the cancellation policy of the object meets your expectations.


Booking serviced apartments through platforms – what policies are you subject to?


Most of the serviced apartments in the UK (from London to smaller towns such as Exeter) are using external booking partners instead of offering the services only through their own websites. That choice elevates the competitiveness of the serviced accommodation, as the clients are simply more likely to come across the offer on the Internet. Using the services of booking agents such as, Trivago, or Airbnb, among others, has become a standard in the hotel industry.

If your booking was made through one of the booking platforms, all the steps regarding cancelations should be taken through it. The agents are between two sides, and the reservation is subject to their policies. They are clearly specified in the FAQs, as well as in the confirmation of your booking.


In case you have to cancel your stay in a serviced accommodation because of the cancellation of the flight, new rules imposed by the countries due to Covid-19, or other reasons, all the moves should be made through the booking platform, as the money passes through it. In other cases, there will be no foundation that entitles you to any form of refund.


How to avoid losing money in case of cancellation?


The best solution is choosing a suitable booking variant. Some platforms offer only one solution, but others – such as – at least a few. Choosing a non-refundable option is usually a guarantee of a lower price. However – as its name indicates – it doesn’t entitle you to the refund in any case. Another possible option is a standard booking, in case of which the card is usually preauthorized. If you decide on this variant, the cost equivalent of the first night will be blocked on your bank account and released in case you cancel before the stated date -usually, up to 2 days before the start of your stay in the approved serviced apartments.

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