Crealy Great Adventure Park – an amusement park that will delight both older and younger children

Crealy Great Adventure Park – an amusement park that will delight both older and younger children

One of the must-see attractions in Devon Shire is undoubtedly the Crealy Great Adventure Park. While driving there, you can stay in one of the accommodations they offer, many tourists, however, decide to rent a flat in Exeter. There are at least several reasons for this. The main ones include the fact that although the park is situated on over 100 acres of countryside, you will still not spend more than a day there. That is why choosing accommodation in Exeter is definitely a wiser move. One of the places where you can search for a house to rent is on the airbnb Exeter website. Comprehensively equipped, located in the close city centre and providing convenience and the highest level of comfort, the houses will wrap you in a pleasant atmosphere after many hours of fun spent in Crealy Great Adventure Park. You can choose from:

What attractions can you find at Crealy Great Adventure Park?

This amusement park was founded in 1989. To this day, it is one of the main attractions of visitors to Exeter. The perfect place which your children will surely love. There you will find over 60 fun opportunities. Noteworthy are, for example, fairground rides, welcome rides and relatively small roller coasters. That’s not all. Since 2011, it is possible to breed various exotic animals in the park. Curious meerkats were among the first inhabitants of these charming sites.

The park is developing dynamically, so every year you can count on new attractions. One of them is the opening of an area in the park that is thematically related to Sooty, a children’s television program created by Harry Corbett. The opening of this attraction is scheduled for May 28, 2022. Also, if you are considering booking accommodation on Airbnb Exeter at this time, we encourage you to visit this place.

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