Exeter accommodation – 5 signs that you can count on a good experience

Choosing accommodation can be a difficult task because of the diversity of offers and various aspects you should take into account. How to find the perfect flat among hundreds available in Exeter?

In the age of digital nomadism, changing a place to live and moving into an apartment in a different town just because of an impulse is nothing exceptional anymore. Many decide to find accommodation even before getting to the place, choosing a short-term variant. Serviced apartments seem to be the most reasonable solution in this case, as it allows you to provide yourself with flat-like conditions without signing a long-term contract. It is a perfect option for anyone who plans to stay in Exeter for just a few months or is not sure whether to stay in the city or move further.

Exeter accommodation variants are numerous – from boutique hotels through budget hostels to fully furnished serviced apartments that provide you with numerous advantages. Choosing the last option among the ones mentioned, you can invite people over without any worry and work in convenient conditions, not to mention cooking and other home activities.

Here are the five signs that the chosen Exeter accommodation will turn out to be a good choice.

#1 The flexible host

If anything you can imagine is marked as forbidden – not only smoking but also having pets, plants, and guests, you should expect some problems. Of course, the host has a right to give conditions, but some dose of flexibility is a good sign.

#2 Clear booking rules

If everything is cleared out before you move in – on the booking page or the website of the host – you know what you are standing on.

#3 Cancellation options

In the case of Exeter accommodation, a lot depends on the booking agent. If you are booking directly with the host, you should receive an attachment with the cancellation policy of the object. Avoid choosing apartments that do not give you any possibility of canceling the rental in advance, especially if you are not 100% sure of your plans.

#4 Wide range of service

Serviced Exeter accommodation should provide you with a particular type of rental that includes a weekly or monthly professional cleaning, breakfast service, meal deliveries, and so on.

#5 Lack of communication problems

Your host should be communicative and stay in touch with you in case of any doubts regarding the rental or security problems. If you encounter problems of this kind at the beginning, you may expect them in the future.

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