Exeter – is it worth moving in there? 5 advantages!

The UK is filled with the cities considered as culture and business hubs – busy, noisy, and with a fast life pace. Exeter, meanwhile, has it all while remaining quite a relaxed town close to the southern shore. 


Many people in their twenties or thirties at some point in their lives find themselves stuck in a paradox – they search for excitement and peace at the same time. They want city life, but then they get quickly tired of it. So they move out to the countryside with a mellow vision of country life and quickly find themselves back in the city, as they were missing cultural offer, the gastronomical diversity and other advantages.


Exeter – a beautiful compromise


Well – you could say – You cannot have a cake and eat it. However, maybe this conviction is not necessarily right? There are places in the UK that combine both – cultural life and thriving business with the low-pace and closeness to nature. Exeter is one of them. Beaches, hills, medieval buildings – Exeter’s beautiful surroundings and architecture will make you feel astonished. At the same time, the city is getting a steady flow of students and professionals working remotely or on-site, so you don’t have to worry about the old-town vibe.


Here are some advantages of Exeter that are worth knowing. They may be considered valuable for ones that search a long-term rental, as well as short-term serviced accommodation.


It is very close to the coast

Reaching the coast takes about half-an-hour when it comes to car rides. Perfect for the weekends, isn’t it?


It has a wide range of serviced accommodation offers


As one of the most recognized cities in the region, Exeter is prepared to host long-term as well as short-term residents. Aside from the hostel and hotel services, it also offers a wide range of serviced accommodation variants that will make the digital nomads, traveling professionals and others feel at home. It is the best solution for those who search for comfort at an affordable price.


It has an airport


Exeter airport has connections to Manchester, London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. You can also fly abroad from there – for example, to Italy.


It is well connected with various trains


Getting to Taunton and Exmouth from Exeter takes only 30 minutes by Train. Bristol and Plymouth are one hour away.


It is a thriving city with a rich cultural and gastronomical offer


Exeter may seem small, but its cultural offer is really wide. The same goes to the gastronomical scene, which tempts the visitor with modern English cuisine as well as tastes from all over the world.

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