Haldon Forest Park – something for people who love nature

Haldon Forest Park – something for people who love nature

Exeter is a great trip base. By renting a flat on airbnb Exeter you have the possibility to quickly get to almost every corner of Devon Shire in a short time. One of the places that is definitely worth seeing in this situation is Haldon Forest, located south of Exeter. Over 350 hectares of deciduous and pine forest is an area where you will find not only peace and quiet, but also a number of interesting attractions.

What pleasures and surprises await you in the Haldon Forest?

When you know that the accommodation booked on the airbnb Exeter website is what you are looking for and what you need to relax after an intense day, you can safely indulge in holiday pleasures. You can walk or ride a bike in the Haldon Forest. You can rent it if you decide that this is how you want to explore the corners of this mysterious place. Also, children will not be bored here. The ropes course and the activity path mean that the little ones will spend time actively and won’t complain. Walking for a few hours can be tiring, especially when the heat is pouring down from the sky. In such a situation, it is worth visiting a cafe to quench your thirst and rest for a moment.

If you like to take dishes or sandwiches prepared by you on such trips, then nothing stands in the way. The chute house or bait house that you can rent at a bargain price on airbnb Exeter have a generously equipped kitchen. Thanks to this, the preparation of food will take you literally a few moments.

A day full of attractions and a blissful night rest – only in Exeter

Haldon Hills Park is the ridge of high terrain that is located in Devon. The charming location between the Exe and Teign rivers makes many tourists come back to their quarters in love with this place. The great advantage of this place is the close contact with nature. Everyone who loves nature will be delighted with the climate and wild animals that can be found in this area. The perfect place for a romantic walk, going out to nature with friends and discharging the children’s energy. We are sure that after such an intense day, the whole family will return to the flat rented on airbnb Exeter and fall into a deep sleep on a comfortable bed.

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