Holidays with your dog in Exeter

You have already planned your holidays in Exeter? Do you want to travel with your best

friend? For sure you need to find dog friendly accommodation! This guide will help you to

prepare yourself for a trip with your animal friend and find the best place to stay!

Things to plan before you start the road trip with your dog

Before you start the journey with your pet, ensure you have prepared and packed all of

necessary things:

1. Pet carrier – use it while transporting the dog

2. Leash

3. Sufficient water and food

4. Necessary medicals and documentation – especially, if you know from the previous

pet-travel experiences, that your dog don’t spend the trip in a good condition

5. Blanket or towel to lie on

6. Dog’s favourite toy

7. Poop bags

8. A tag with detailed travel information, including your name and cell phone number – in

case of potential dog’s lost

9. Sunscreen

On top, what is critical to follow:

1. Stop frequently for the potty breaks and exercises

2. Ensure, that your car is well ventilated

3. Don’t leave your dog in an unattended parked car, especially in the summer

4. While traveling with the children, ensure they don’t accost the pet

Tips to choose dog friendly accommodation

There are some limitations in the hotels for the dogs. Before booking any accommodation,


1. Ensure it’s pet-friendly, do a double-check, especially when you book a hotel on a

third-party website

2. Check, if there are any pet restrictions

3. Check, if there are green areas nearby

4. Request the room or apartment in the ground floor

5. Check, if your dog has a microchip and has a tag with your ID

6. Make sure harmful items are out of the way

7. Try to keep barking into the minimum

8. Deal with damaged property immediately

Leaving the dog in the hotel room

Possibility of leaving the dog unattended is not always available in the hotels, which allow

pet accommodation or the assumption is that the owner will not proceed this way. It’s good to

double check with the hotel’s crew. If you are allowed to leave your pet in your room,

consider carefully whether your dog is ok with it. If your pet is used to being left alone in your

house and it’s comfortable for them that’s a good sign, however it doesn’t mean it will stay

calm in the hotel room. If not done before, it’s good to proceed with a trial – for example

leave the dog for 0.5 hour and leave the phone with the camera on. If the previous

experience was good, it should be suitable to leave the pet alone.

If you decide to leave your friend unattended in a hotel room, make sure, that:

– apartment’s crew is informed,

– leave “do-not-disturb” sign on the door

– inform housekeeping about the decision or cancel housekeeping.

Make sure you read tips to plan a trip with your pet and take it to Exeter!

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