Searching for a short term accommodation in Exeter? Here’s where to stay

Have you decided to move to Exeter and stay for longer? Before finding a long-term apartment or a perfect real estate fit for you, you may have to stay in short-term accommodation. Here’s what you need to know.


Exeter, like any other UK town of this size, has a wide range of hotels, hostels, and guest houses that are ready to host you and provide the service of the highest quality. However, not everyone prefers these forms of accommodation. Regardless of the comfort and the range of services, they cannot beat the convenience that comes with having your own flat at your disposal. Renting your own serviced flat, you can do all the things that are not possible in the hotel or a hostel:

  • cook proper meals for yourself;
  • invite guests;
  • organize parties;
  • wear anything you feel like

And many others. No other form of accommodation will ever get close to this level of comfort. That’s important to the digital nomads who need convenient conditions to work remotely. In the hotel, they rarely find the right equipment and facilities for it.


Serviced accommodation – advantages


Aside from the benefits mentioned above, choosing short-term serviced accommodation in Exeter, you also can count on other benefits such as:

  • lack of necessity to take care of formal affairs;
  • no long-term rental contract;
  • no deposit and fees;
  • all the expenses included in the price – no need to pay the bills separately.

That makes the serviced accommodation a convenient choice for anyone who is not sure yet whether to stay in Exeter for longer or move somewhere else. If for now, Exeter remains just a stop for you, the best choice is to use the short-serviced accommodation as a base.

Serviced apartments in Exeter – where to live?

Living in central Exeter has its advantages – for example, access to a lively cultural and gastronomical scene. However, if you are determined to be surrounded by beautiful Victorian and Georgian style architecture, it’s better to search for apartments in the neighborhoods of Pennsylvania and St. Leonard’s.

Note that there is a higher number of apartments available in the areas surrounding the University. These flats are also generally more affordable. When choosing a perfect one for you, take the location into account, but don’t forget about the facilities and the variety of offered services. The weekly cleaning may be an important addition that is often included in the price. However, it is not a standard – you should verify which services are included before choosing the accommodation.

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