Serviced Accommodation, what to verify before booking?

Booking an apartment can seem like the simplest task in the world. However, if you don’t put importance on particular aspects, you may end up unsatisfied with your choice. What to check when booking? Here’s what you need to know.


The popularity of serviced apartments has grown in recent years. There are two main reasons: city-break traveling as well as tourism, in general, has become more affordable, and job relocation – more often considered by young professionals. The serviced accommodation satisfies the needs of long-term guests as well as these ones who are only passing by. Apart from the apartment itself, the rental includes also cleaning services and, at times, room service. That provides you with comfort on the hotel level without compromising on privacy. In the case of serviced accommodation, all the advantages of the hotel-type service are kept. Meanwhile, the cons, like guest-related problems, are eliminated.


When choosing the serviced flat, it’s worth checking the rules of stay and verifying all the provided information carefully. What should you pay particular attention to?


Hidden fees


When searching for long-term rental, the potential tenants usually carefully read the contract and, in some cases, even consult it with the lawyer. Another important step is asking the property owner about all the potential costs tied to energy use and services. Obviously, in this case, these spendings are not included in the monthly rent, so their estimation will never be completely accurate.


When deciding on an approved serviced apartments, you can be sure that the final price includes energy and water use, so you don’t have to pay anything additionally. However, you should be aware of the possibility of hidden fees. Of course, they are not really hidden; nevertheless, you may not notice them at first sight. These costs are usually tied to cleaning services but not only. That’s why reading the conditions carefully before accepting them is so important!


Terms of rental


Same as the owners of long-term rental properties, the serviced apartments offerers can impose their rules. In the case of approved flats, they are always clearly laid out on the website or the booking partner’s platform. Obviously, these rules cannot be discriminative at any point. However, they may make short term apartment rental a little bit complicated, especially for pet owners or smokers. It is not rare that the property owner doesn’t allow pets in the flat, and he has the full right to do so. It is also important to verify the terms of rental under the context of security. Safety guards, codes, magnetic cards, and so on – all these can lift it up.



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