Serviced apartments Exeter – what expenses should you expect?

Traveling and working is the lifestyle choice which gains popularity, especially among the young generation. Serviced apartments are the best way to provide yourself with a short term accommodation while performing your professional activities.


When moving into a new city, we usually search for long-term rental. It is a cheaper and more comfortable solution in the long run. Each of the options available on the market has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the hostels, comfort is usually not the highest, however, this form of accommodation allows you to meet new people quickly. When it comes to hotels, the comfort may be on a high level, but the costs and the anonymity may become a significant con after a short while.


In the case of digital nomads and other people who search for comfort, but want to feel at home as well and have favorable conditions to perform professional activities, serviced apartments in Exeter might be a number one choice. Why?

  • because it provides you with comfort on the level comparable to the long-term rental;
  • because you do not have to worry about formalities regarding the temporary residency, tax numbers, and other things you may not need as a traveling foreigner;
  • because you do not have to sign the contract that ties you to the place – in case you are not satisfied with the service, you usually can cancel in one month.


Serviced apartments Exeter – how much they cost?


When it comes to the cost of serviced apartments, at first glance, you may find it a little bit expensive. However, the cost is partially justified by all the benefits mentioned above. The hosts risk financial loss, as they don’t have the guarantee that you will not move out after one month. The long-term rental agreements usually protect them from that, but the short-term – not necessarily.


The good news is that in the case of serviced apartments Exeter, you most likely will not have to pay the deposit which is usually required in the case of long-term residents. When you order a serviced accommodation, the services are usually included in the price, at least to a certain extent. Remember to verify it before deciding to book your serviced flat. You may also want to exclude some services, which often results in a lower price.


In the case of serviced apartments in Exeter, you pay a fixed amount to cover the rent, services, and bills. It is a convenient solution that allows you to precisely predict monthly spendings and plan your budget.

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