Serviced apartments in Exeter – how to choose the neighborhood?

Exeter is a beautiful city that attracts more short-term and long-term visitors every year. Thinking about spending some time in this English city? Here’s what you should pay attention to when choosing your accommodation. 


By many, Exeter is perceived as one of the best places to live in the southern part of the country. Not without the reason – the city’s location, infrastructure as well as gastronomical and cultural offer makes it a highlight of the region. For the same causes, Exeter is also a great short term destination – not only for weekend in-country tourists but also contract workers or digital nomads searching for another stop-over.


A wide range of hospitality services allows adjusting the accommodation to your needs and expectations. Among them, the serviced apartments are the most popular due to the complexity of the offer. They are a perfect compromise between a long-term contract flat and a stay in the hostel or hotel. The main disadvantage of the first option is a set of legal obligations, while in the case of the other – lack of privacy and comfort. By choosing serviced accommodation in Exeter, you eliminate both of these problems.


What to pay attention to when searching for apartments in Exeter? Our guide will help you pass through this process smoothly and find the flat of your dreams.


Neighborhoods in Exeter – which ones to avoid?


The main risk tied to searching for accommodation in the city you don’t know yet is choosing the wrong neighborhood. There is no map where the less secure areas are marked – in this case, you need to rely on the tips of the locals. When it comes to Exeter, the risk of ending up in not the nicest place is incredibly low. The city is generally perceived as safe, and you most likely will feel secure in any place you end up.


What are the best neighborhoods in Exeter? There is no straight answer to this question because a lot depends on your personal preferences and needs. However, there are more popular areas that you may consider looking up, such as Pennsylvania, Countless Wear, St Leonards, and Heavitree. Due to their relaxed atmosphere and good public transport connections as well as closeness to the city center, these areas are perfect for short-term and long-term rental.


If you are determined to be in the center of events, it’s worth checking serviced apartments in Exeter Quay or Newtown.


Public transport


Access to public transport is crucial for most tenants searching for short-term Exeter accommodation. The city is well covered with new public transport connections. Living in Exeter, you will have access to the airport, railway, and bus services. As the city is considered the main southern rail hub, you may expect a wide range of connections to all UK.


For good access to the railway, it’s worth considering choosing the serviced accommodation in Polsloe, St. Sidewells, Pennsylvania, or the most central part of Exeter.



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