Serviced Apartments in Exeter – Perfect Solution for Digital Nomads

Are you searching for your next base to work and enjoy the life of a digital nomad? Exeter could be a great choice. Check what to pay attention to when choosing your new serviced apartment in the area.


When you lead a life of a digital nomad, avoiding formal commitments such as long-term apartment contracts becomes a priority. To be able to get access to long term rental, in most cases, you have to change your registration of residence and fulfill a few legal requirements. It is definitely not convenient for full-time traveling professionals who tend to spend a few months in each place they visit – or even less.


However, using hotel services can seriously strain their budget, even if they have a large number of funds at their disposal. Is there any alternative? There are few, but the serviced short term accommodation seems the most suitable in this case. Choosing it, you can expect the highest level of comfort at an affordable price.


Living in a typical hotel can become a burden in the long run, as you don’t have access to the cooking facilities, and cannot organize a meeting at your own house or invite friends over. Serviced all-inclusive apartments can be a great alternative that will make you feel at home.


Serviced accommodation in Exeter – how to choose your place?


Exeter can become your next stop due to the big selection of cheap serviced apartments perfect for expats and professionals who are constantly on the go. As a middle-sized city, it can become your refuge after living in the European capitals, or – on the contrary – a nice change after spending some period in the countryside. Due to its diverse cultural offer, university life, and a developed net of transport connections, Exeter is a great choice for those who search for a compromise between the big city and the small-town vibe.


Among Exeter apartments available as short term accommodation, you will find well-equipped flats that should meet all the expectation of the digital nomad.


As a traveling professional, you most likely know your requirements perfectly. However, a great design or location can make you forget about them. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you should take into account:


  • the neighborhood in which the serviced apartment is located – reputation, accessibility by public transport, and so on;
  • the adaptation to the needs of a professional working remotely – desk, space, comfortable chair, good wi-fi;
  • the closeness of coworking spaces if you are accustomed to using them;
  • access to gastronomic services;
  • the walkability of the neighborhood and the presence of sports facilities.


Ready to search through all inclusive apartments in Exeter? That could be the beginning of a new exciting journey!

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