The top 3 mistakes people make when booking an Airbnb in Exeter

If you’re looking to book an Airbnb in Exeter then you’re in luck, because there is always a great variety of different options on offer. Exeter is a popular destination for tourists and businesspeople, and it’s well-served not only with Airbnbs but also hotels and guest houses too. Popular all year round, Exeter is a destination city for its beautiful cathedral and architecture, and also its proximity to nearby Dartmoor and Exmoor.


Booking an Airbnb in Exeter is relatively straightforward, however, there are three big mistakes that people can make when they’re choosing their accommodation. We’ve listed them here, so you don’t fall into the same trap!


  1. Not checking the reviews first.

Accommodation in Exeter can vary in quality wildly, and you should always check the reviews carefully before booking. While the advert may sound appealing, you could well find quite another story when you go online to check the reviews from elsewhere. It’s important to weigh up these reviews carefully though – one bad review could just be a case of someone who is impossible to please, whereas a handful should ring more alarm bells. Be on the lookout for false reviews, too. While companies do what they can to weed these out, it’s not unheard of for fake reviews to appear online. If there are few or no reviews at all, then this should also be a red flag.


  1. Not checking the location carefully enough

Exeter is a large city, and the greater area is spread out over several miles. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are booking their self catering accommodation is to book somewhere that is not central enough. Exeter is well-served by two train stations – Exeter St David’s and Exeter Central, so if you are relying on public transport then it’s well worth making sure that your accommodation is close enough to be able to walk to one or the other of them.


  1. Messaging the host outside Airbnb

While it might be tempting to try and contact the host outside of Airbnb, don’t! Airbnb keeps a log of all contact, so if anything goes wrong or things are not as they have been agreed, then you have some comeback. If messaging is done by private email or text message then there is no official record of the agreement, and you will lose your rights.


Airbnb is a cost-effective and convenient way of travelling, and we thoroughly recommend it as a great site to find the best self-catering and serviced accommodation in Exeter. But as with everything else in this life, it’s always best to tread carefully and do your research along the way. Take your time and avoid impulse buying, and you should find a property that is perfectly suited to your needs.



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