Top tips for choosing the perfect accommodation in Exeter

Planning a visit to Exeter? We don’t blame you! It’s a place that offers so much, and whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure we’re certain you’ll love your stay in this beautiful, historic city. The good news is that there is a huge range of accommodation in Exeter to choose from. The slightly less good news though is that not all accommodation is created equal, so it pays to take your time selecting the perfect accommodation for you.


Self-catering accommodation in Exeter

is especially popular, and a quick search online will throw up a myriad of different choices. It’s important to go through reviews carefully, and pay particular attention to recent ones. If you’re looking for self-catering accommodation, you’ll want a clean and well-equipped kitchen as there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cook yourself a meal and not being able to find essential kitchen items. Check the inventory and make sure everything you need will be to hand. Bear in mind that no property is likely to have it all, so if there are a few home comforts that you simply can’t live without such as a coffee bean grinder for example, then don’t forget to pack them!


Serviced accommodation in Exeter

is a great choice, particularly for people who are visiting on business. Think of it like a hotel but with more personality and flexibility – you can rent serviced accommodation on both a short and a long-term basis. So, if you’re planning to stay for a while, you’ll save a lot by choosing serviced accommodation over a hotel, and it will also feel a little more like home too. It’ll always be fully furnished, and usually there is a cleaning and laundry service available too. Many business people who travel regularly for work favour serviced accommodation over a hotel, especially contractors who are working on long-term projects.


Hotels in Exeter

are plentiful, and whether you choose to stay in the city or you’d prefer to find a hotel that’s a little more off the beaten track, you’ll be spoilt for choice. All the hotels in Exeter have their particular USPs, quirks and features, so spend some time on their websites to get a feel for the place before committing. If you’re on a budget you’ll find many low-cost hotels such as Travelodge and Premier Inn available, and if you’ve a bit more cash to splash why not treat yourself to the elegant 4-star Mercure Exeter Rougemont Hotel, or the 9/10-Telegraph-rated Southernhay House with its plush interior and very own cocktail bar?


Whichever type of accommodation you’re looking for in Exeter, it’s important to check the location carefully. You may have found what looks to be the perfect self-catering accommodation for you, but you’ll need to make sure that it is close enough to all of the amenities you want to access. Whether that’s on foot, by bus or train is totally up to you, but do ensure you have a good sense of where in Exeter your accommodation is so you don’t end up stuck!

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