We know what to do in Exeter

Exeter as a travel and rest destination! Certainly no one will be disappointed here. Exeter is a historic and lively small town in the South West of England, in the Devon shire. It is also a harbour on the River Exe near its confluence with the English Channel. Its charm attracts domestic and foreign tourists, offering typically English attractions for sightseeing. It is also a very popular holiday destination and a starting point for excursions around the region. What can you do in Exeter? You definitely can’t get bored there. No matter if you are a resident or a tourist, there will always be something extraordinary just for you. You can do something here around the clock, you can discover interesting places all the time. And you can meet interesting people at every step.

This can be done in Exeter! It is not appropriate to be bored here

  1. Live – Living in Exeter is much cheaper than in other cities in England, and even in other cities in Devon. Life here is surprisingly pleasant amidst greenery and history.
  2. Study – The fantastic University of Exeter with a rich educational offer attracts students from all over the world. What counts here is a friendly community, excellent teaching, and beautiful campuses.
  3. Sightseeing – history is here at your fingertips and dates back to the medieval times. No one will pass indifferently by the Gothic Exeter Cathedral, located in the city centre or the located 10 km south of Exeter fortified Powderham Castle. The number of churches from different architectural periods is also impressive.
  4. Relax in nature – Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks within easy reach, easy access to the seaside and some of the excellent beaches of Exmouth, Torquay and Dawlish. And also Haldon Hill, Northernhay Gardens and Las Haldon – all this provokes active rest. There are so many great places to enjoy an active vacation in Exeter that healthy lifestyle enthusiasts can choose whatever they want to do in Exeter in their spare time.
  5. Explore the area – Cycling routes will take you to Rougemont Castle, Devon County War Memorial, Killerton, Exeter War Memorial, Fingle Bridge and many places of interest.
  6. Go out to meet history – we invite those who like to get to know history to the extreme, to go through the medieval tunnel. Those who value a quiet and thematic contact with art will find themselves in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, which is also an art gallery.

What can you do in Exeter? The beauty of living in this town is that there is everything and even more.

At least 10 active things to tell you about what to do in Exeter

  • Visiting the Cathedral of St. Peter’s Square, Custom House, Powderham Castle or Medieval Tunnel.
  • See the ruins of Rougemont Castle.
  • Visiting the national parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor.
  • Sea trip to the beach at Exmouth, Torquay, Dawlish.
  • Visit to the UOE university.
  • A trip to the multi-topic Royal Albert Memorial Museum.
  • Shopping in Princesshay.
  • Taking part in horse racing at the Exeter Racecourse.
  • Fun and relaxation at Crealy Theme Park & Resort.
  • Walk along the Exeter Quay.
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