What means of transport to pick during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Let’s talk travelling. Many of us, tired of quarantine, are looking for a getaway. From the previous post you know what safety precautions to take. Now we will touch further on the subject, discussing the means of transport most advisable to use during this troublesome time.

1. Air travel

Air circulation and filtration on airplanes makes it difficult for viruses to spread. That’s one point for air travel. However, many travellers on one airplane can make it difficult to maintain the 6ft distance. Masks are necessary to ensure the safety and minimize the risk of transmission. Also, air travel requires spending time in airport terminals and security lines, which brings the risk of close contact with other people.

Airlines have taken precautions to ensure safety. This includes the staff covering their noses and mouths and the requirement for passengers to do the same. Visit each airport’s and airline’s website to see what they are doing to protect the travellers.

2. Car travel

The most safe way to travel is by car alone or with people who have not been tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms of it. This way you eliminate all the risk of contagion possible on the way to your destiny. However, there is some advice you should take. First, plan as few stops as possible. Prepare your meals in advance and make sure to take enough water with you. The same goes for masks and hand sanitizers. When you’re running low on fuel and it’s time to get gas, make sure to use disposable gloves or use a disinfectant wipe on handles. Here’s the correct way to remove your gloves safely (make sure to sanitize afterwards):

3. Public transport

This is the most risky way of travelling in terms of the risk of transmission. You have to make sure you keep the 6ft distance from everybody, which is not always easy on a crowded train or underground. Your mask, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe are your best friends in this situation. Make sure to use them and remember not to touch your face. To ensure the safety of others, cover your face while coughing or sneezing, even while wearing a mask. Try not to touch any handles or buttons, but when it’s necessary remember to sanitize afterwards.

We wish you all safe travels without any worries. As always, if you’re planning a trip to England, we recommend you visit Exeter. If you’re looking for reasons why, you’ll find plenty – here and here. Our Isca House is at your disposal as a lovely place to make you feel at home. Check it out!

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