Where to eat in Exeter: best restaurants in town

Let’s be frank – the food can make or break the trip. The good news is that if you enjoy the comfort of being catered, Exeter is like a blanket on a chilly day. This town will spoil you with the choice of amazing restaurants, both affordable and luxurious. Enough with the introductions – now we’ll go through the places to eat which will surely make your belly happy.

1. Harry’s Restaurant

Situated right in its heart and hailed as the best restaurant in Exeter by many, Harry’s Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from. This place is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. Our gluten intolerant friends will also have no problem finding a bite to eat. Filling portions are also a guarantee. But let’s briefly look through their menu, on which you can find anything from a classic beef burger to a garlic butter lobster. There’s always place for dessert, right? Prepare to face a tough call over which deliciousness to pick.

Image by @iamonplanetearth via Instagram

2. Al Farid Restaurant

This Moroccan restaurant will make your taste buds beg for more. The bejeweled interior design creates a peculiar, yet compelling atmosphere. What makes it even more special is the staff – always incredibly friendly and happy to help. What will you find on the menu? Amongst starters there are Maigou, Izmir Kofta and Felfel Dolma. These names speak for themselves if you’re a fan of Morrocan cuisine. And if they don’t tell you much, there’s no better way to find out more about North African tastes than a visit to Al Farid. You’ll find a variety of meats for your main dish, but this place is also vegetarian friendly. Take your pick!

Image by @char.essen via Instagram

3. The Restaurant at the Salutation Hotel

If you’re looking for a place for a truly luxurious celebration, this is the one. Travel just four miles from the heart of Exeter and you’ll be greeted by the staff who will make sure you feel like a member of the Royal Family and dine like one too. Go on a trip to heaven with their Fordmore Farm beef sirloin, gently splash your tastebuds with a glass of Prosecco and forget all about your troubles. Dining there is a true delight and an unforgettable memory. An anniversary coming up? Don’t wait up, book a table and allow yourself to be spoiled.

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