Why visit Devon – even more reasons!

Last time, we briefly touched on the subject of Devon county with a little bit of its history and some beautiful landmarks. You can read that article HERE. Now, let us continue the topic with more extraordinary places to see, starting with another one fans of detective novels are sure to be interested in. 

Greenway House

Follow the footsteps of Agatha Christie and you’ll find the Greenway house. “’The loveliest place in the world”, as the Devon-born author described it, was a place dear to her heart. Every single room of the house is furnished with items that once belonged to her and her family, offering a rare glimpse into Christie’s everyday life. 

There’s a lot to see for a fan – Agatha’s own grand piano, beautiful fine china, her husband’s archeological finds, and of course, precious books.Take a step outside and you’ll see the peaceful woodland gardens in which the writer sought inspiration for novels like “The A.B.C. Murders” or “Towards Zero”. Some adaptations of her novels were even filmed there! Seeing how she lived is perfect for any fan of Agatha Christie who wants to deepen their experience with her works. And if you’re not a fan yet, maybe a guided tour of the Greenway will make you one! 

Image by  Jason Ballard

Lydford Gorge

Imagine the greenest place in the world, accompanied by the soft flow of water and birds happily chirping and you’ll find yourself in the deepest gorge in the South West. The Lydford Gorge is the perfect place for a hike with your family. Follow the trail and it’ll lead you right to the spectacular, thirty-metre tall waterfall. Some people say that they weren’t ready for how beautiful this place is! Watch out for the rich wildlife – remember to take your camera! Tread carefully though, some of the paths can be pretty steep and the stones may be slippery! At the end there’s a cozy cafe – just the right place to unwind and catch your breath after a long hike.

Image by Bahadir Yeniceri

National Marine Aquarium

Are you fascinated by life that’s hiding out in the deep ocean waters? Devon has something just for you – the largest aquarium in all of the United Kingdom. The National Marine Aquarium is a home for over 4000 animals and ground-breaking work to protect the oceans. Have you ever seen a shark – not on a screen, but a real, live shark, with your own two eyes? Now you have a chance! It’s a great place to bring the entire family your kid to – the kids will surely be stunned.

Isca House

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