Dog-friendly accommodation in Exeter – a beautiful city in the South West of England on the River Exe

Exeter is a charming city in Devon shire, in the South West of England, which will surprise you not only with its unique character, but also with the number of places worth visiting. When you go on a trip there with your four-legged friend, you will most certainly find a variety of dog friendly accommodation. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily visit this place with your pet and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Exeter is the capital of Devon shire, one of the most important centres of this part of England. In its centre is the beautiful cathedral of St. Peter with a beautiful clock, two towers, a vault, described as one of the longest if not the longest in the world. It is a place that evokes unforgettable memories and to which you return often in the future. And that’s not the only surprise waiting for you in this beautiful ancient site.

Places to visit in Exeter

Are you looking for places and tourist points that may be of interest to you on the map of Exeter sights? That’s good. We have prepared a list of such places especially for you. First of all, the following will be worth paying attention to:

  • church of St. Martin;
  • remains of the medieval Rougemont Castle;
  • customs House;
  • Town Hall;
  • Topsham museum;
  • Powderham Castle;
  • donkey sanctuary that will charm you with its beautiful nature. Here, not only children will find something perfect for themselves;
  • Haldon Forest Park;
  • Parliament street.

By ticking them off on your list, we’re pretty sure your trip will take on a new twist, and you’ll want to come back to Exeter once again to delve into its interesting history. You will probably then look for places that will allow you to find dog friendly accommodation. On the GIL Properties website, you will find apartments for rent that will be happy to accommodate your pet. Contact the owners who will introduce you to the details of such rent.

Exeter – or why not enjoy delicious wines and explore the beautiful gardens with your dog?

The capital of Devon shire is also a place with great potential for producing pebble wines. This is favoured not only by the mild climate, but also by the sandstone soil around it. Here, too, you will be able to visit a vineyard and speak to a professional winemaker. And when you want to taste his drinks, just go to the waterfront, where you can taste wines and tapas made from local ingredients. As you can see, by choosing this direction, you will ensure yourself a lot of unforgettable moments. And your pet will be fully satisfied with the long hiking tours. Plan your trip and collect memories that will stay with you for years. Dog friendly accommodation is an ideal alternative to hotels. You have free hand and a lot of freedom. You are away from loud tourists. And most importantly, you can provide yourself and your dog with comfort and convenience.

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