Exeter, a city in the south-west of England – perfect for a holiday rental

When planning holidays, you often wonder which way to go in the world. You probably do not realize that there are historical gems not far away, which you can see and learn about their interesting history at a low cost and with little time spent. One such place is the capital of Devon – a city that dates back to antiquity. It is situated in the South West of England on the River Exe. Although raided several times, first by the Danes, then by the troops of William the Conqueror, it became one of the most important centres located in this part of England. Therefore, holidays rental in these areas are quite popular and are an excellent alternative to hotels. Not only because of the more intimate nature, but also often more attractive offers.


England and holidays rentals – is it worth it?

When deciding on a trip to this area, it is worth knowing that the city of Exeter has many interesting places that must be seen. It is also referred to as a place that is richer in monuments than the Cornish Peninsula. And we admit that there is a lot of truth in this statement. People who decide for holidays rental in this area have something to do, even during a slightly longer stay. First of all, it is worth visiting the cathedral of St. Peter. It is a perfect example of an interesting combination of Norman architecture and English Gothic, surprisingly decorative. Interesting, extremely charming facade and interior are certainly arguments in favour of this place. You can also see an astronomical clock from the 15th century, an organ and the longest vault in the world. The cathedral also holds a manuscript – the Exeter Books.


Exeter – a city with many interesting places

However, this is not all that deserves attention in this beautiful English city. It is also worth taking a look at:

  • the town hall
  • the ruins of Rougemount Castle;
  • the customs office
  • the remains of the Romanesque monastery of St. Nicholas, where the museum of Tudor life is located;


It is also worth visiting the place where there are the ruins of the XIII bridge, which used to connect the banks of the Exe River in the past. As you can see, although it is a city with a population of only 120,000, it surprises with the number of places worth seeing. Additionally, holidays rental is very popular in this area, not only because of the wide offer of apartments, but also interesting places worth seeing.

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