Holidays accommodation in Exeter, a place full of character and history

Exeter is an extremely charming city. The capital of Devon shire, located in the South West of England, where you can fall in love during a multi-day trip. The city is located in the vicinity of the Exe River. And its origins date many years back. It is said that they go back to ancient times. With the arrival of the Celts to these regions, they established one of their settlements in this place. Over time, this small village grew to the size of a frontier settlement of the Empire, where the legions were stationed and the Roman tracts ended. In the second half of the 9th century, there were clashes with the Danes over Exeter, who took over the city as a result of these skirmishes. However, these are not the only ones. In 1068 the situation repeated itself with the troops of William the Conqueror. Despite these events, Exeter managed to become one of the most important centres of the southwest of England, which is inhabited by nearly 120,000 people.


Sights that will tell you a lot about Exeter

It is probably – at least to some extent, that these rich experiences allowed the city to become such a place rich in monuments. It is even said to be a city richer than the entire Cornish Peninsula. This is why tourists like this area of England, and holidays accommodation in the capital of Devon will give you an insight into its history. The beautiful Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of St. Peter. It is a perfect example of a perfect duo of Norman architecture and English decorative gothic. For this reason, it delights with its decorations and finishes. Thus, it attracts huge crowds of tourists who want to see its majestic silhouette with a richly decorated facade, as well as a charming interior at least once. Inside you will find, among others:

  • 14th-century vault, which is said to be the longest in the world;
  • 15th century astronomical clock;
  • 17th century organ
  • chapter house;
  • the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was supposedly built in the 12th century.


And that’s not all. Exeter will also surprise you with the town hall, the 11th century church of St. Martin, mysterious but interesting remains of the Romanesque monastery of St. Nicholas, where the museum of Tudor life is located. There are also the remains of a medieval castle, the ruins of a 13th-century bridge that connects the two banks of the Exe River. The historic customs office or the remains of the city walls are other interesting points on the map of monuments worth visiting in this ancient city in England. Therefore, when you are planning your conquests in this area or you are interested in holidays accommodation, it is worth looking for places offering short-term rentals. It is an excellent alternative to local hotels.

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