Make your Airbnb Devon listing stand out from the crowd!

If you’re one of the many people who are trying to get their Devon Airbnb noticed, then you’ll know how hard it is to get your advert seen. The best adverts and descriptions are without doubt the ones which get booked up most quickly, so if you’re not getting enough enquiries then we recommend you go back to the drawing board and give your advert a bit of a spruce up. We hope our top tips will help!


Hire a professional photographer

The difference a good quality image makes will surprise you! While taking photos on your phone is an option, it’s a great investment to hire a professional photographer to come around and take some photos from the most flattering angles. Take the pictures on a sunny and bright day, too.


Be clear on your target audience

Who are you trying to attract to your property? Is it more suited to a family, a businessperson or someone travelling on their own? Be clear on your target visitor, and then write your description with them in mind. Think about what they would be looking for and try to make your description match.


Write a great title

Make your title ‘pop’ by making it fun, quirky and interesting., And keep it short, too. It should grab people’s attention and stop them scrolling, If you’re not sure whether your title works or not then ask a couple of friends to see what they think. Avoid bland words and you might need to get creative to make people stop and look.


Start with the headlines

While people will be interested in the finer details of your property, you need to make sure you start your description by highlighting the most important points. Include the property’s features, such as how many bedrooms there are, and what sort of outdoor space there is. Mention the location and if your Airbnb is in a particularly beautiful part of Devon then be sure to say so! If there are famous Devon restaurants nearby then mention these, and don’t forget to mention public transport links either.


Get creative

Think of your description as a crucial opportunity to ‘sell’ your Airbnb property. Think like an estate agent – what would they say about it? Pull out as many features and benefits as possible and put them in a bullet point list so that they are easy to scan. Use description, creative language but try to avoid being too flowery – if the language is too complicated then it will get in the way of people being able to read it quickly. Plain English is always best, and avoid any lingo or jargon that people may not understand.


Be sure to mention how friendly the host/neighbourhood is too. People like to know that they will be made to feel welcome when they visit. And if there are any deal-breakers such as whether you allow pets then make sure this is made clear early on, too. There’s absolutely no point trying to engage someone that the property is simply not right for. Keep your mind on your ideal visitor and what they would want to know and you won’t go far wrong.

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