Self catering accommodation in Exeter, choose the best apartment

Britain is an exceptionally beautiful country full of extremes. Have you been several times here and are you wondering which city to visit next? Or maybe you are going to Great Britain for the first time and you want to feel the extraordinary atmosphere of this country? Whichever version above is correct for you, we recommend a visit in Exeter. It is a city that dates back to ancient times. Do you want to know how Exeter can surprise you? Or maybe the only thing that bothers you is self catering accommodation because you have had a plan of the trip for a long time? Find out more about this magical city from us.

Enjoy Exeter – a city where you will be surprised by many things

Due to the fact that every person is different to some extent, the requirements for tourist attractions may differ from each other. It is a bit different when it comes to looking for a place to stay. Self catering accommodation, we suspect that for every tourist it should meet high standards of cleanliness, comfort and good communication. If all this is combined with a beautiful view outside the window, we are sure that you will fall in love with this city and you want to visit it more than once.

In addition to the sights that are visible on almost every corner of Exeter, you can also be amazed by the variety of food. There you will find restaurants that serve you in addition to British cuisine:

  • Indian,
  • Italian,
  • Chinese cuisine.


If you are looking for something even more exotic, you can go to a Thai or Japanese restaurant. As you can see, self catering accommodation has great advantages. You can try different flavours every day.

How do I find self-catering accommodation in Exeter?

In recent years, more and more people are choosing self catering accommodation, i.e. renting an apartment, instead of staying in a hotel or motel. Why? Because it has many advantages. They include, among others:


  • definitely a more free hand;
  • convenience;
  • the possibility of spending a long, quiet evening on the terrace at sunset or sunrise;
  • you have literally everything at hand;
  • peace and quiet – no crazy and partying holidaymakers behind the wall;
  • self-catering – that is, cooking from local products.


Self catering accommodation will be much easier to find when you use professional services such as Gil Properties, where you can find accommodation that will appeal to even the most discerning traveller. Beautiful, tastefully furnished apartments, beautiful views and well-equipped kitchens are a guarantee of satisfaction. Feel the atmosphere of Exeter in one of the apartments located close to the city centre.

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