Self catering in Exeter, an idea for the busy tourist

If you’ve come to Exeter, you know by now that the city has a richer history and many more attractions than any other city in Devon or Cornwall. Here, visitors must come across a history that dates back to the Celtic or Tudor times. There really is so much to see, visit and do here. Self catering in Exeter may be the only right decision for the intensity of your stay in this charming city, and no one will rush you on your visit of the 900-year-old St. Peter cathedral, a beautiful example of medieval architecture. No hotel rhythm will disturb your stroll along the Canal and Exeter Pier, in a completely revitalized area on the banks of the River Exe.


Self catering in Exeter, meaning you eat what you want, wherever you want

The entire Devon region, including Exeter, stands out in terms of gastronomy, thanks to local producers of high-quality products and drinks. They are complemented by perfectly functioning restaurants and bars, which pride themselves on serving local delicacies. Self-catering in Exeter means freedom of choice, joy, tasting and variations of dishes, as well as madness of flavours and dishes at its best. It is a paradise for gourmet tourists, as the local cuisine is famous for seafood, tea, cheddar cheeses and ciders.


 Self catering in Exeter. Discover all the flavours of the city!

Discovering the flavours of food and drink on your own is as fun as exploring unique places in Exeter. Here’s what awaits you when you choose to self catering in Exeter:

  • Culinary Decisions – Southerenhay Food Market from May to September
  • Unusual gin tasting, i.e. Gin Palace, Waitrose Exeter, Darts Farm, Chandos Deli and Regency Wines
  • The delight of cheddar cheese gourmet – Farma Quicke
  • Home-made Avocet beer, i.e. Exeter Brewery and Tap Room bar
  • Tasting 80 different ciders, i.e. the Stable bar/pizzeria
  • Time for tea and something more, i.e. the Tea on the Green tea room right next to the cathedral
  • Rooftop lunch at The Terrace Restaurant in Guildhall Mall
  • Vegan and vegetarian cuisine, i.e. Herbies, The Flat, The Lin Den, Sacred Grounds
  • A stop in a stylish place – The Olive Tree Restaurant
  • A moment of respite, i.e. Rendezvous Wine Bar
  • Friendly service and culinary variations – Harry’s Restaurant
  • Moroccan flavours – Al Farid Restaurant
  • An authentic and fresh approach to cooking – Karma Restaurant
  • Take-away dishes, i.e. The Daisy Cafe, Red Panda, Taco-Macho Food


Among the incredibly many offers, you will find bars and restaurants that will not ruin your wallet too much, offering take away or delivery meals. Places with extremely friendly service, or friendly for families with children. Culinary exploration of the city also has its unforgettable taste. So taste Exeter, taste it as you please, choosing self catering in Exeter.

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