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Great Britain is a unique country. Everyone who has had the opportunity to visit it at least once is well aware of it. In many places, you will find a strong emphasis on cultivating traditions combined with an amazing cultural mix. There is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that you can hear almost every language of the world on the streets of cities – especially the larger ones. It is also no wonder that in addition to London’s monuments and tourist attractions, England wants to give you a chance to learn from its culture and extraordinary history. This is the occasion you face when you decide to visit the city of Exeter.

Experience the extraordinary atmosphere of Exeter – the city of diversity – from Gothic cathedrals to unusual street graffiti

Exeter is a city you can love almost from the very first walk. St. Peter’s Cathedral, the construction of which began at the beginning of the 12th century and was completed almost 300 years later. The Town Hall, which proudly displays an Italian Renaissance façade with stunning Corinthian columns, jambs and arcades, is a “must see” place. Same as:

  • Historic Waterfront;
  • the Rougemont Gardens;
  • Bill Douglas cinema museum;
  • Haldon Forest Park;
  • Powderham Castle.

These are all places that give you the opportunity to visit the serviced accommodation in Exeter. Thanks to the best apartments located near the city centre, you are able to visit almost every corner. Especially since communication in this city is exceptionally good. However, what we want to say more is that it’s worth delving deeper into the mysterious alleys. Thanks to this, you can hit underground passages, where you will be surprised by the beauty of colourful murals. As we said, the city is full of contrasts. Therefore, it is also so eagerly visited by tourists. So think about the right accommodation beforehand. Serviced accommodation in Exeter is the best option for short or long stays. The tourist and business ones.

Serviced accommodation in Exeter – we will surprise you with a warm welcome

Sightseeing, sightseeing, but it is also worth taking care of the accommodation during trips. Serviced accommodation in Exeter, the service we offer you on the Gil Properties website. Here you will find houses that are equipped with almost all possible devices. You will also not be short of anything when you decide to stay with us for longer. We take care of a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. However, that is not all. We often try to surprise you with local products waiting for your arrival. Gil Properties and serviced accommodation in Exeter are an extraordinary proposition that will provide you with the unique comfort of living in one of our apartments.

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