The hassle-free guide to hosting an Airbnb in Devon!

The hassle-free guide to hosting an Airbnb in Devon!


Hosting a self-catering Airbnb property in Devon is a great way of making some extra money and getting your spare room or property to work for you. However, many people find that when they start out as a host, they’re spending a long time getting things ready and managing enquiries. It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some of our top tips for making you’re your Airbnb hosting experience is quick, easy and hassle-free!


Get organised

First and foremost, you’re going to need to get organised. Lists are your friends, so whether you’re a pen and paper kind of person or you’d prefer to use an online organiser such as Trello, make sure all your planning and organising happens in one place.


Get a key safe

One of the biggest hassles with hosting an Airbnb in Devon is checking guests in and out. You can remove this problem altogether by installing a key safe on an exterior wall. That way, the guests can let themselves in and out no matter what time they arrive or leave, and you don’t have to be involved in the process at all!


Hire a cleaner

While it might eat into your profits a little, we can guarantee that hiring a regular cleaner will save you loads of time. If you’re a busy person that doesn’t have time to thoroughly clean your property between guests, then the standard will drop and your reviews will reflect this. The property should be pristine for every new arrival, so hire a regular cleaner and you won’t have to spend hours dusting and polishing.


Provide all the information

Unless you want your guests messaging you regularly with questions, you’ll want to provide all the information they could possibly need. Include detailed instructions for finding the property, along with your top tips for the best restaurants and visitor attractions in Devon. The more information you provide them with, the more they will be able to get on and enjoy their visit without bothering you.


Stock up

Amateur hosts find themselves running to the shops to stock up on everyday items far too regularly. Go back to your lists and make sure there are items such as cleaning materials, toilet rolls and kitchen supplies. Then, buy these things in bulk – that way not only will you benefit from cheaper prices, but you’ll also find yourself dashing out for emergency supplies far less often.


Communication is key

Stay one step ahead of your guests by making sure you are in regular communication with them before their arrival. If you answer all their questions, then they shouldn’t need to bother you. And by being responsive you’ll reassure them that everything is in order, and nothing will go wrong.


Hosting an Airbnb in Devon is a great idea. Get yourself organised in advance and you’ll find that there are many advantages to renting out your space, and it won’t eat into your time too much either!

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