23 03, 2022

Serviced Apartments in Exeter are the Best Touristic Deal

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Exeter is just 16 kilometres from the beaches of South Devon. A remarkable city, dating back to Roman times, famous for its magnificent monuments and underground routes, Exeter is also home to one of the best universities in England and the world. Like any self-respecting and true British town, it also has phenomenal green areas, such as the Rougemont Gardens located just outside the walls of Exeter Castle or the Northernhay Gardens. Exeter is [...]

24 02, 2022

Perfect Airbnb in Devon

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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, a trip to the beautiful southwest county of Devon will always be a memorable and enjoyable experience. With rolling hills, rugged moors, beautiful coastlines and a wealth of history, Devon is a county that offers something for everyone. But be careful - making the wrong choice with your Airbnb accommodation may mean your Devon break is memorable for all the wrong reasons! Airbnb is a brilliant resource, and [...]

21 01, 2022

Top tips for choosing the perfect accommodation in Exeter

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Planning a visit to Exeter? We don’t blame you! It’s a place that offers so much, and whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure we’re certain you’ll love your stay in this beautiful, historic city. The good news is that there is a huge range of accommodation in Exeter to choose from. The slightly less good news though is that not all accommodation is created equal, so it pays to take your time selecting [...]

13 12, 2021

Isca House serviced accommodation is in the heart of historic Exeter

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The two-bedroom redbrick terraced holiday cottage dates from the early 1900s and has been beautifully refurbished by the owners to sleep up to five people in two bedrooms. You're only a few minutes walk from The Quay and a host of welcoming bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, and other amenities, including Exeter train station. The name "Isca" comes from the Roman name for the town and refers to the River Exe which flows [...]

14 01, 2021

Why visit Devon – even more reasons!

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Last time, we briefly touched on the subject of Devon county with a little bit of its history and some beautiful landmarks. You can read that article HERE. Now, let us continue the topic with more extraordinary places to see, starting with another one fans of detective novels are sure to be interested in.  Greenway House Follow the footsteps of Agatha Christie and you’ll find the Greenway house. “'The loveliest place in the world”, [...]

12 01, 2021

Why visit Devon?

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Let’s zoom back from Exeter and talk about Devon itself.. Also known as Devonshire, it’s a county located in South West England, and Exeter serves as its county town. What you’ll find there is a wide variety of rocky ancient landscapes - the county even lends its name to the Devonian geologic period. Devon’s location in the middle of the South West peninsula means that it has not one, but two picturesque coasts, and [...]

7 01, 2021

What means of transport to pick during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Let’s talk travelling. Many of us, tired of quarantine, are looking for a getaway. From the previous post you know what safety precautions to take. Now we will touch further on the subject, discussing the means of transport most advisable to use during this troublesome time. 1. Air travel Air circulation and filtration on airplanes makes it difficult for viruses to spread. That’s one point for air travel. However, many travellers on one airplane [...]

5 01, 2021

How to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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The coronavirus outbreak has pretty much cooked everyone’s goose. Collective responsibility is now more important than ever. Any further steps towards defeating the pandemic relies on it heavily. Find out below what you can do to reduce the possibility of getting infected (and infecting others) if you decide to travel during this time. 1. Get tested It’s advised by CDC to get tested for COVID-19 1-3 days before travelling internationally as well as domestically. [...]

31 12, 2020

What to do in Exeter: family attractions

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Exeter is the perfect place for a day trip with the entire family. The vast variety of family-friendly attractions makes it difficult to choose where to go! We’ll make it easy for you to decide by showing you our favourites and describing them briefly. Let’s start with the amazing pick for animal lovers - The Donkey Sanctuary.  1. The Donkey Sanctuary Don’t miss out on this must-see, completely free-to-visit, children-friendly place. Donkeys are known [...]

29 12, 2020

Festivals in Exeter

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Exeter’s Festivals are known all around England. There are a lot of fun happenings going on all year round. Let’s look through them and see if there’s something you might enjoy on your stay in Exeter. 1. Exeter Respect Festival The Exeter Respect Festival is held to celebrate the diversity among us people. Since 1997, a message of equality is spread in Belmont Park annually. Their motto is “All Different, All Equal”. If you [...]

24 12, 2020

Where to hang out in Exeter: best spots in town

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Now that we know what to sightsee and where to dine, let’s look at the places to have fun at. Exeter isn’t often described as a party town. But that doesn’t mean it hurts for places to drink a fancy cocktail and enjoy people’s company. It’s actually quite the opposite! But enough talk, let’s look at the best hang out spots in Exeter.       1. Doctor Ink’s Curiosities   The best [...]

22 12, 2020

Where to eat in Exeter: best restaurants in town

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Let’s be frank - the food can make or break the trip. The good news is that if you enjoy the comfort of being catered, Exeter is like a blanket on a chilly day. This town will spoil you with the choice of amazing restaurants, both affordable and luxurious. Enough with the introductions - now we’ll go through the places to eat which will surely make your belly happy. 1. Harry’s Restaurant Situated right [...]

15 12, 2020

What to do in Exeter: tourist attractions pt. 1

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What makes Exeter so special? There are a couple of reasons but the one that stands out the most is its history, given it's one of the oldest cities in England. For those looking for a weekend get-away, Exeter is the place to travel back in time and take in the atmosphere of England as it was in the Middle Ages. But let's look at the very best reasons to book a ticket and [...]

26 11, 2020

Serviced apartments Exeter – what expenses should you expect?

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Traveling and working is the lifestyle choice which gains popularity, especially among the young generation. Serviced apartments are the best way to provide yourself with a short term accommodation while performing your professional activities.   When moving into a new city, we usually search for long-term rental. It is a cheaper and more comfortable solution in the long run. Each of the options available on the market has its advantages and disadvantages. In the [...]

5 11, 2020

Serviced Apartments in Exeter – Perfect Solution for Digital Nomads

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Are you searching for your next base to work and enjoy the life of a digital nomad? Exeter could be a great choice. Check what to pay attention to when choosing your new serviced apartment in the area.   When you lead a life of a digital nomad, avoiding formal commitments such as long-term apartment contracts becomes a priority. To be able to get access to long term rental, in most cases, you have [...]

5 11, 2020

Booking Serviced Apartaments – Cancellation Policies

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During the pandemic, it is worth to pay particular attention to the cancellation policies. Knowing your rights is essential in case of problems with refunds. What's worth knowing?   Traveling in the times of Covid-19 has become more challenging. The serviced apartment owners in Exeter and other British cities are obliged to follow the safety regulations and do their best to make the client's stay the most secure and comfortable. However, due to the [...]

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